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7 Ways to Detoxify Your Body After the Holidays

Holidays mean a lot of parties which involve a lot of food. Find out how you can detoxify your body from the unhealthy food during the holidays.

There are a lot of ways to detoxify your body after all the unhealthy and fatty meals you had over the holidays.

During the holidays, most of your favorite foods are on the table. This boosts your appetite and urges you to eat and have fun. More than that, parties are everywhere, and that also includes a lot of eating which is often as unhealthy as the food in a party can get.

However, the holidays mean having fun with families and friends. Eating has become a staple for that, and you can’t get away from it. Fortunately, you can do things like flushing out toxins and detoxifying your body after the holidays. Find out the best ways you can do this.

1. Artichokes

Artichoke is one of the best foods that can promote bile production. It also contains loads of vitamin C and vitamin K. More than that, artichokes also have about 10 grams of fiber and antioxidants. When these essential nutrients are combined r, it can be a fantastic form of detox.

2. Apples

The fiber pectin that can be found in apples is a vital detox metal as well as a food additive for the body.

3. Avocados

Avocados are a tasty fruit that a lot of people enjoy with their snacks and meals. But more than that, it is incredibly healthy and is a superstar when it comes to detox. The fruit contains glutathione which plays a significant role in helping the liver detoxify and get rid of the harmful chemicals in the body.

4. Beets

Beets is one of the many red vegetables that is a rich source of various minerals and phytochemicals. It is an excellent liver cleanser and blood purifier. Beets are also among the best veggies that are considered as superfoods especially when it comes to boosting athletic performance.

5. Basil

As an herb, basil contains some significant health benefits. This includes helping in the elimination of unwanted chemicals in the blood as well as in metabolic breakdown.

6. Broccoli

Another rich source of glutathione is broccoli. It significantly improves liver function particularly in transforming the toxins and making them easier to flush out from the body.

7. Carrots

Another detoxifying vegetable is carrots. It is among the healthy veggies that can give you tons of glutathione, vitamin A, and beta-carotene for improving the immune system and cardiovascular health.

These foods and recipes are something you can have to detoxify your body after the holidays. Aside from that, you can also take juices and purees like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid, a Brazilian superfood that is excellent if you want to detoxify your body.

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