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7 Totally Random Health Facts You Should Know

Do you want to be cool yet stay smart by sharing scientific health facts to others? Here are some interesting yet random health facts you should know.

It's good to sit back and enjoy your day and take care of your health. But what can make your day better is knowing more about your body while having fun. This article talks about 7 totally random facts about health that you should know about.

Your Bones

The average number of bones in the human adult body is 206 bones. Children, however, have more, as they have 300. This is because when one grows up, some of these bones fuse together. You have 54 bones in your hands while you have 26 bones in your feet. The biggest, strongest and longest bone you have is the femur (also called the thigh bone) and the lightest and smallest bone is the stapes (also called the stirrup). The only bone that isn't connected with another bone is called the hyoid, which is V-shaped and can be found on your tongue's base.

Your Brain

Your brain uses 25% or more oxygen consumed by your body. It is the only organ we have that does not contain any nerves even though it is considered the main part of our central nervous system. This indicates that your brain cannot feel any pain. It is considered the fattest organ in your body because it is 60% fat. Also, the brain is comprised of 73% water. The heaviest weight of the human brain was 2.3kg or 5 pounds, 1.1 oz. 

Your Fingertips

One interesting thing you might not know about your fingertips is that the ridges are formed even before you were born. It has ridges that are shaped spirally or in loops that help you grasp objects. Fingerprints are different and no one has the same fingerprint. However, some people are born without fingerprints.

Your Tongue

Just like your fingertips, your tongue print is unique. Your tongue has 3,000 to 10,000 kinds of taste buds. These taste buds have five elements categorized: savory (umami), bitter, salty, sour, and sweet. The taste receptors on your tongue cannot differentiate food until there is saliva. There are eight muscles in your tongue and these can be categorized as intrinsic and extrinsic muscles.

Your Feet

Your feet can grow bigger as you age. A person has natural pads on the bottom of their feet, which is made of elastin and collagen. As you get older, it wears out and you need footwear that is more comfortable.

Your Hair

Hair is made up of keratin, which is also the substance found in hooves, claws, feathers, claws and horns of animals. The average individual has 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair on its head. Each hair actually grows approximately 5 inches a year. Hair is considered as the fastest tissue to grow in the body.

Getting Sick and Nourishment

There is a study which found that heart attacks can occur on Mondays or 3 days after you've consulted with a doctor and found that you acquired a respiratory tract infection or flu. Eating vegetables and fruits can actually help your body create its very own aspirin. You can prevent allergies If you rinse your nose with saltwater.

These true facts about health are amazing. There's so much to know about your body and your health.

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