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7 Benefits You Get as Your Body Takes in Omega-3

One of the nutrients that our body should have is omega-3. It is said to enhance heart health, but it actually offers more benefits. Read below find out.

When we hear the word ‘fatty acids’ we automatically think that these are always bad for our health. However, we should know that there are also fatty acids that are good for our health and that is omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega 3 is usually found in certain kinds of fish. Other kinds are found in nuts. We usually hear that omega 3 is good for hearth health but there are also other benefits that omega 3 brings to our body. Below are just some of the benefits it brings.

1. It Counters Depression

Some researchers have found out that people who have a diet that is regularly filled with omega3 have lower levels of depression. Drinking fish oil supplements therefore can boost the effects of antidepressants and help in alleviating the symptoms of bipolar disorders.

2. Nurtures the Development of Babies

We can usually hear in commercials for baby milk that DHA is one of the nutrients that are essential in child growth. DHA is one of the nutrients associated with omega-3 and can help in the neurological development of babies.

3. Aids in the Arthritic Pain

Fish oil, which is rich in omega-3 is also rich in nutrients like EPA and DHA which help in alleviating pain brought about by arthritis. Aside from that, omega-3 also helps in enhancing the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

4. It can Serve as a Protection Against Dementia

Research states that omega-3 helps in slowing down memory loss that is brought about by aging. This is also linked to dementia. Since it can slow down memory loss, it can also be your protection against dementia. Although it is not the prime solution in battling dementia, it can contribute to your protection.

5. Helps in Controlling Asthma

Since one of the benefits of omega-3 is boosting the effect of anti-inflammatory drugs and counters inflammation, this makes it one of nutrients that counter asthma. More studies are still needed to prove that fish oil and omega 3 can itself improve lung function, but countering inflammation that causes asthma is already proven.

6. It Supports the Prevention of ADHD

DHA, being one of the main nutrients in fish oil, can help enhance mental skills of children. It improves their thinking and learning skills. This can be linked to lower symptoms of ADHD.It is not considered as a primary treatment, but a supplement that helps in preventing symptoms of ADHD.

7. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Having high levels of Triglyceride, or blood fat, is one of the main proponents of heart disease. Omega 3 lowers and stabilizes the blood fat levels in your body, which therefore lowers your risk for heart disease.

There is no telling that omega 3 indeed has many benefits for our body. That it is beneficial to mental health and heart health to have a daily dose of omega 3. Omega 3 is can be found in fish and nuts. It can also be found in fish oil supplements and graviola supplements. You can try out Organic & Kosher’s Certified Pure Freeze Dried Soursop-Graviola Capsules which is rich in omega-3.

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