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7 Basics in Choosing The Healthiest Lunch at School

Your child needs healthy lunches packed for them, especially for school. Here are some tips in choosing healthy lunches for your child.

If you're a mom, you want what's best for your child. And what better way to express this by packing your child's lunch when he or she is at school? Not only do you know that your child gets the nutrients he needs from their lunch, they also know that it's being prepared with love and care from their mom. Here are some health tips for children at school who bring their packed lunches.

Eat Simply

Sometimes the healthiest foods are the simplest. Just follow the food pyramid in each food category. You need to include vegetables and whole grain products. Make sure to have protein-rich foods such as lean meat, boiled egg, and chicken. Have a piece of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk to complete the meal. Avoid foods that have high salt, fat and sugar content.

Make Healthy Smart Food Choices

There are healthier food substitutes in food. Trade in fatty food for a lower fat content alternative. For example, instead of cooking carbonara with cheese sauce, prepare carbonara with vegetables. If you have oil-based tuna in a can, use water-based tuna. Ice cream can be traded in for frozen fruit or yogurt.

Prepare a Balanced Meal

As we've said earlier, pack a lunch that contains the five food groups. It should include fresh vegetables and fruit. It shouldalso have carbohydrate-rich foodsuch as rice and pasta. Protein--based foodandmilk should be added. Kids love a side dish or dessert, so add yogurt or plain popcorn as a treat. Don't forget to make sure their drinks are healthy too, so pack juice or skimmed milk.

If your child eats healthy lunches at school, they can feel fuller and avoid feeling lethargic after their day. Thesecan also help them maintain their weight by avoiding extra calories. Having a proper nutritious meal helps them concentrate more on their schoolwork and be active not just physically but mentally.

Give Them Healthy Snacks

Snacks aren't just sweets or junk food. Teach your child that snacks can be healthy. They prefer eating "finger foods" so try chopping some carrot sticks or apples into bite-sized pieces to make it easier for them to eat it. You can also give them crackers or breadsticks and add low-fat cheese as a treat. Once in awhile, you can give them sweet desserts such as ice cream or cake, but let them know that it's not healthy to eat them all the time.

Check for Drinks

Select drinks that are low in fat or even zero in fat. Avoid letting them drink toomuch sugary drinks or soda. Soda contains caffeine, which is not beneficial to their body's development. Better yet, let them carry a water bottle around.

Make it Fun

Make meal preparing fun by getting your child involved. Let them select what they want in their lunch or allow them to prepare it with you.

Get a Doggie Bag

If your child is already full, don't force them to eat. Let them bring a doggie bag to bring the leftovers home (if it's not rotten yet).

Here are some of the basic healthy eating tips you need to know when you're at school. Follow this plan to keep your children's body healthy and support their body's development. Aside from food, you can also add flavor to their drinks by making them drink Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop.

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