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6 Reasons Why Red Wine is Good for Your Health

Whoever thought that a glass of red wine can offer so much benefits aside from helping you unwind after a long day's work? Below are some of the health benefits it gives.

Chilling out at night with a little booze is one of the things we can look forward to after a long day at work. There’s nothing more relaxing than having a chance to unwind with your friends over a glass of wine. And you can make this a regular habit especially because red wine offers more advantages than just being your relaxation potion. Resveratrol, an antioxidant contained in red wine is the components responsible for the benefits that red wine brings. Below are some health benefits that drinking a glass of red wine each night can offer.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Red wine is infused with antioxidants that help maintain the suppleness of your blood vessels, which lowers the risk of clotting in your heart. According to Dr. John Folts, a professor of cardiovascular medicine and nutrition at the University of Wisconsin, drinking a reasonable amount of red wine every night can have the same effects as that of taking aspirin. But it should be kept in mind that the health benefits of red wine can be experienced when it is consumed moderately.

Helps in Preventing Cancer

Resveratrol that is contained in red wine can help stunt the development of cancer. A moderate dose of red wine therefore can serve as an added protection in battling the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Aids in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels

Red wine can also regulates blood sugar levels as the skin of red grapes, which contains resveratrol, is responsible for this. Aside from lowering blood sugar level, resveratrol can also help in lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure. These effects have made researchers think that resveratrol in general help in triggering the secretion of insulin.

Assists in Preventing the Common Cold

Since red wine is rich in antioxidants, it also helps in fighting off infection and viruses brought about by free radicals that can cause illnesses and other disease to your body. Aside from that, antioxidants can play a big role in protecting your body against the generation of cancer cells.

Promotes Weight Loss

The compounds found in red wine like resveratrol and other antioxidants can actually stunt the development of fat cells in the body. This means that having a regular glass of wine for three to four days a week can actually help if you either want to lose more weight or maintain your current weight.

Hinders the Development of Alzheimer’s

Containing a high-level of antioxidants because of resveratrol, red wine also works in protecting your brain from cell damage, which declines the development of any mental illnesses, that you can acquire as you grow older. 

These are just some of the benefits we never thought our favorite glass of red wine can offer. It is essential therefore to always keep in mind that drinking moderately has its benefits. Cheers to that! Aside from this, did you know that Acai Berries offer the same benefits as red wine? If you’re not a fan of red wine then you can try drinking Organic & Kosher’s Certified Pure Acai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid as an alternative.

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