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5 Tips on How to Maintain a Sharp Brain Even as You Age

Your brain can lose its brilliance when you don’t take good care of it by adopting activities that can help you boost your cognitive functioning.

Experiencing a senior moment or a time when you forget some important things is common even for young individuals. You may not see this as something serious but as you age, this can be a symptom of underlying problems in your brain.

To avoid memory lapses and cognitive decline, you must exert extra effort to know how to maintain a sharp brain. It is essential that you start practicing some activities so you can have a sharp brain before the problem gets worst.

How Changes in the Brain Happen and What Are its Effects

As we advance in age, our brain gradually decreases in size. When this happens, some nerve cells located in your brain also contract and lose their link with other brain cells. Because of this phenomenon and the decrease in blood supply to the brain, your cognitive functioning can be affected. 

There are instances when these minor cognitive lapses could lead to serious conditions like dementia, an impairment of your mental functions.

Activities to Help Maintain a Sharp and Sound Mind

While you are still young, you should learn to take care of your health, especially your mind. You should know how to sharpen your brain so you won’t have to deal with cognitive problems later on.

1. Incorporate something new to your daily routine.

One way on how to maintain a sharp brain is by regularly introducing stimulants like doing something different from what you are used to. Don’t be too comfortable with your daily routine because this can prevent your brain from working. When you present new stimuli, you are challenged mentally; thus, a good intellectual potential is maintained.

2. Learn something new.

When you learn something new, you can have a sharp brain because you become mentally active. It can help stimulate various processes that aid in the maintenance of your brain cells. It also encourages the communication between the nerves and cells in your head.

3. Utilize all your senses.

When different senses are involved as you learn new tasks, your brain will work harder in order to retain the information and the memory.

4. Have a break and take a nap.

When you take a nap, you are not only rebooting your brain but you are also sharpening your mind. Studies show that a short nap of about 10-20 minutes can already help you be alert. When you extend your nap to 60 minutes, you can experience slow wave sleep, a period that aids you in remembering things such as places, looks, and information.

5. Increase intake of brain-boosting food.

Another approach to sharpen your brain is eating food containing vitamins that improve your cognitive function. Food like fatty fish, sage, beet, walnut, and turmeric are just a few of the numerous foods for the brain.

It is an advantage when you know how to sharpen your brain. As early as now, practice these activities to keep your mind sharp at all times. Also, don’t forget to increase your nutrient intake by incorporating Organic and Kosher Certified Pure Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop to your daily meal.

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