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5 Sad Reasons Why You're Gaining Fat Again and How to Avoid it

Do you look forward to mealtimes because of the idea of eating? Well, this is one reason why you're gaining pounds again. Read more here to avoid overeating.

The holidays are just over and your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. You were able to achieve that goal in a couple of months. And now, here you are, getting fat again. It’s frustrating to know that the effort you've made the last few months in losing those pounds by exercising is back. “Why am I gaining weight?” you might ask. This article will talk about five sad reasons why you may be getting fat again and some tips to help you avoid it.

Your Hormones and Your Body

Sometimes, you can't stop gaining fat. It may be hereditary. Certain hormones can often be an explanation as to why you're fat. You can't control it. You may have an increased level of cortisone or you have low thyroid. Some hormones also control your weight gain because they trigger your appetite. If you're female, this is especially true when you have low levels of estrogen and you'll find out that you have more weight on your bellies. To avoid this, start building bigger muscles by going to the gym and doing strength exercise training.

Getting older may also be a cause, but it's one thing that you can't avoid. To help you maintain your weight as you age, change your diet. You need to eat lesser carbohydrates and other food that are high in calorie content. Also, choose a diet that has low or zero-fat proteins if you can to avoid these extra pounds.

You're Not Eating Properly

Improper eating behavior and habits can be a cause of your weight gain. You need to eat healthily and as much as possible, try to eat everything that's in the food pyramid. Take supplements to complete your body's nutrition.

Eating healthy is always good, but there is such as a thing as overeating. Too much or too little can cause your body to have too many or not enough nutrients to keep your body going. Make sure you eat with the recommended serving size and control your food portions.

You Have a Sleeping Problem

People who sleep more or sleep less have a bigger chance of getting fat. It is recommended you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. If you're sleep deprived, your metabolism will go slower to preserve your energy. If you're sleeping too much, your body is inactive and stores the fat in your body. Try to have a regular sleeping pattern to help you sleep much better.

Medication Side Effects

Some drugs can make a person gain weight. If this is happening to you, consult your doctor to see if they can change your medication and do some exercise if needed.

Depression and Stress

When you're under pressure, stressed or depressed, your body will produce cortisol that alters the chemistry in your body, making you store more fat than burning them. It also gives you food cravings. Controlling your mood, having fun, and enjoying life is the best way to remove stress in your life.

If you are gaining weight again, you need to check on your medications and see if it has side effects. Try to do some exercise to keep your body fit. You need to control how you eat and what you drink. If you still want to drink something healthy that doesn't affect your weight, you can try drinking Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid. It's very healthy for you and it tastes good.

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