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5 Great Reasons Why You Need to Drink Water

Water is the one of the essential needs of an individual, without water (for a week), you can die. Find out more here on why you need to drink water.

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, water is considered one of the basic needs of human beings. It is categorized as a physiological need, together with air, food, shelter, and clothing. Without these physiological needs, human beings will not be able to function properly, andwillweaken and die. This article talks about 7 great reasons why it's essential to drink water every day.

Water Helps Regulate Your Body Fluids

Did you know that the human body is composed of 60-70% of water? The water in your body is located everywhere andithelps your bodyperformvarious activities. These include transportation of needed nutrients towards every part of your body, maintaining your body temperature, digestion, circulation, and absorption of food.

If you have too much water in your body, your brain cells inform your kidneys how much wateritneedstoexcrete, which goes out in the form of urine. If you are too low on water, your brain cells tell your body that it's thirsty, making you grab a water bottle and drink. Alcohol, on the other hand, can cause dehydration and make you sick.

Water Helps You Lose Weight

Water has zero calories, which is perfect if you want to lose weight. Not only that, you'll feel fuller and feel great.

Water Reduces the Chance of Getting Sick

Water is a natural medicine, especially for colds or if you're feeling down. Drinking lots of fluids such as water helps prevent colds, reduce dehydration and decongestion, allowing you to fight off sicknesses around you. It also helps you reduce pain in your muscles and joints because it acts as a lubricant that makes movement faster and smoother.

Water Can Help With Your Bowel Movement Problems

If you're constipated, the best way to resolve this is by drinking lots of water. Eating lots of fiber is also a good way to ease constipation.

Water Expels Any Dangerous Toxins in Your Body

Drinking lots of water removesany toxins from your body throughyour urine or yoursweat. It cleanses your body and helps recover any damages in your organs and tissues.

Water Can Give You A Healthy Skin Glow

Dehydration is one of the biggest factors of getting wrinkles. If you are hydrated enough, you'll see that your skin will look good. It's a natural way of moisturizing your skin, keeping it fresh, soft and smooth.

Water Makes You Feel Better

Because your body is functioning properly, you'll feel great not just on the inside but also on the outside. So guzzle up and enjoy a drink of water to make you feel better.

Other Health Tips

Plain water is the most natural and best drink you can give to your body. However, if you feel like trying out something new, you can have the option to drink something else. Select carefully but make sure you enjoy the taste. You can keep a water bottle nearby if you want to make sure you have enough fluids. You need to choose a drink that can meet your daily calorie intake. One good suggestion is drinking Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop which is delicious and is good for your health. Additionally, foods such as watermelons actually contain a lot of water, so you can "eat" water if you want.

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