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4 Ways to Prevent Occurrence of Heart Diseases

 A healthy life includes a healthy heart. If you want to live longer by reducing the risk of having heart diseases, this article tackles ways on how to achieve it.

It is so surprising and disheartening to hear news about people dying at a very young age due to heart problems. As a matter of fact, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death all over the world. According to World Health Organization, approximately 7.4 million of deaths in 2012 were due to coronary heart diseases. The good thing is the risk of having heart diseases can be reduced or prevented.

Below are effective strategies to avoid heart diseases.

1. Be Physically Active

Regular exercise is recommended to control your weight. Moreover, it decreases levels of triglycerides and elevates good cholesterol in the body. This results in a smooth flow of blood to the blood vessels which reduce the risk of having cardiovascular ailments. Physical activity also lowers blood pressure. It is known that hypertension or high blood pressure can lead to fatal conditions including heart attack and heart failure.

2. Eat Heart Healthy Foods

Eating the right amount of healthy foods is needed to keep your heart healthy. Take note, nutrition and diet play a vital role in reducing the risk of having diseases of the heart. To fulfill this, foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, healthy nuts, berries, and other fruit and vegetables must be consumed regularly. On the other hand, fatty and salty foods must be avoided.

3. Cope with Stress

Stress is part of life but when it becomes chronic, it can be a threat to our health. According to American Heart Association, although more research is needed to know how stress causes heart diseases, long-term stress may result to practices such as smoking, and overeating that are proven to increase the risk of heart ailments. It is recommended to manage it not only for the heart but for overall well-being. Some of the activities that can help de-stress include exercise, meditation, maintaining a positive attitude, deep breathing exercises and listening to relaxing music.

4. Quit Smoking

If you are not a fan of cigarette smoking, well and good but if you are a certified chain-smoker, better take the necessary steps to remove it in your system. This is because of the fact that smokers are more than twice at risk of having heart diseases in comparison to nonsmokers. In addition, it is the leading risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. This causes a buildup of plaque in the blood vessels, reduces good cholesterol levels and increases blood pressure. All these contribute to heart diseases. After all, we have always been reminded that smoking is dangerous to our health.

While some causes of heart diseases are not within our control, there are a lot of ways that are effective in decreasing the risk of having it. The choice is in our hands if we are going to adhere or just shrug it off.

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