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4 Kinds of Headache Requiring Immediate Medical Attention

Headache causes vary from stress to complicated illnesses. Learn about the alarming indications accompanying a headache and its different classifications.

A headache is defined as the pain felt from areas within the lower neck and the head. When we feel a mild headache, we usually take over-the-counter medications for alleviation without considering what the specific headache causes are. Although most of the time pain relief is felt, there are also instances wherein the condition may be severe and requires immediate medical attention.

Understanding headache causes and its associated illnesses will enable you to seek early treatment, thus preventing further damage to your body.

4 Primary Classifications of Headache and its Causes

• Cluster headache

This classification of a headache is rare and often affects more men than women. According to studies, the cause of this headache is unknown, but usually, it is prompted by certain drugs as well as alterations in the sleeping pattern. It is characterized by a sharp pain with a short duration which affects one side of the head or face.

• Migraine headache

This is associated with a headache and vomiting as well as sensitivity to light. This condition usually affects women.

• Secondary headache

The most common cause of a secondary headache is an injury to the neck and head as well as problems with the blood vessels. When an injury occurs in the neck or face, the trigeminal nerve could be affected. This results in a shooting kind of pain which may require surgery.

• Tension headache

This type of a headache is the most common one which affects women. This may be caused by stress, which leads to the contraction of muscles that covers the skull.

Serious Headache Characteristics That Should Not Be Ignored

• Neck pain

A headache accompanied with neck pain may seem normal, but if it is persistent and lasts for several days, it could be an indication of an ear infection or even spinal or aseptic meningitis.

• Fever

When a headache is accompanied by fever, it usually is a symptom of an infection like meningitis, among many other conditions.

• Nausea

A headache and vomiting or nausea also needs immediate medical attention because this can increase the risk for dehydration. It is particularly alarming when it is experienced by young children or the elderly.

• Extreme pain

When a headache becomes so severe that it seems to be the worst headache you’ve ever experienced, it could be an aneurysm in the brain that gradually seeps blood. If left untreated, the aneurysm could explode and cause bleeding.

Although these symptoms require immediate attention, they still require varied headache remedies which usually needs hospitalization. However, some individuals may only need to take medication for lasting relief.

The headache remedies for the mentioned indications are usually complicated, and that is why problems like these should be prevented. This can be done by boosting the immune system to ensure that the antibodies within your body are capable of providing much needed protection. One way to boost your immune system is by regularly taking supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop.

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