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4 Foods That Have More Vitamin C Than Oranges

We usually eat oranges to boost our vitamin C intake, but some foods have more vitamin C than this citrus fruit. Here are some foods with more vitamin C.

We often eat oranges when we want to increase our daily dose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or if we want to feel better when we’re sick. However, there’s no evidence that this vitamin can treat the common cold.

Nonetheless, this is an essential nutrient. This vitamin helps in the repair and development of numerous body tissues. Additionally, it helps enhance the production of collagen, which is important to your skin.

Unfortunately, this vitamin is water-soluble. This means that your body doesn’t produce or store this nutrient. If you want to increase your vitamin C intake, you may eat the following fruits. The foods listed below actually have more ascorbic acid content than oranges:

1. Papaya

We usually eat papaya to help regulate our bowel movements because of its high fiber content. However, the content of vitamin Cin papaya is also high. In fact, papaya has 238 milligrams of ascorbic acid while the orange only has 98 milligrams.

Aside from ascorbic acid and fiber, papaya is also rich in vitamin A. This nutrient helps improve your vision.

2. Strawberries

The content of vitamin C in strawberries is roughly the same amount as oranges. Simply consume a cup of sliced strawberries to get the vitamin C content of a medium-sized orange.

3. Guava

If you love tropical fruits and you want to increase your intake of ascorbic acid, then the guava is the right choice for you. The amount of vitamin C in guava is 377 milligrams per cup. That’s five times more than your recommended daily consumption.

4. Acerola Cherry

Among all these fruits, this is the best source of ascorbic acid. The amount of vitamin C in acerola cherry is 1,677 milligrams, which is a whopping 65 times more than oranges. So, if you think you need to consume more ascorbic acid, then this is the best fruit to consume.

Additionally, the acerola cherry is rich in antioxidants. This compound helps fight free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules that destroy healthy cells. If you somehow expose yourself to free radicals, it can lead to skin aging, or worse, cancer cell production. But because of the antioxidant properties of acerola cherries, you can prevent cancer cell mutation and defy the untimely aging of your skin.

These are the fruits with more ascorbic acid content than oranges. With these fruits and supplements like Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules, you have other options if you wish to consume more of this vitamin. Having other options also means you won’t be fed up with oranges because you can eat different fruits daily.

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