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4 Effective Ways to Improve Nutrient Absorption

The way we buy, store, and prepare food could affect how we absorb the nutrients. Here's how to increase the nutrient absorption without changing your diet.

When we were young, our parents taught us to eat fruits and vegetables. These kinds of food are rich in vitamins and minerals that our body needs. However, there are cases wherein eating the right food and taking proper vitamins aren’t enough. That is because your body has poor nutrient absorption.

Fortunately, there are ways to solve this problem. The best part is you don’t need to change your diet. You just need to follow these tips on how to increase the absorption of nutrients without changing your meal plan.

1. Don’t Cut Before You Cook

We cut vegetables before we cook them. Since your body experiences trouble in absorbing the nutrients, you need to boil the vegetables before you cook them. The Agricultural Research Service revealed that potatoes retained 50 percent more potassium when cooked whole, as opposed to chopping them before cooking.

The same thing goes for carrots. They keep 25 percent more falcarinol, a compound that fights cancer when you cook it whole. They also taste better as they also hold to their flavors.

2. Enjoy Your Meal

Studies reveal that enjoying what you’re eating can increase food absorption. Scientists believe that eating the food that you like will help in stimulating the digestive tract. As a result, your body absorbs more nutrients when the food reaches your stomach.

3. Include Fat in Your Meal

When we’re on a diet, we usually stay away from fats because we believe that they will only increase our weight. However, fats are essential in improving the absorption of nutrients. They carry the nutrients in the intestine, making it easier to absorb the food that we eat.

4. Choose Organic

The way how farmers cultivate the food can affect the nutritional value. Let’s use oranges and tomatoes as examples. In a study conducted by the Truman State University, they discovered that organic oranges had 30 percent more vitamin C. Meanwhile, organic tomatoes contained 97 percent more flavonoid levels. According to experts, as the crops grow slowly, they create higher concentrations of nutrients.

The same thing goes for meat. Meat from grass-fed animals has four times more omega-3 and five times more linoleic acid.

Therefore, if you want to increase your nutrient intake, then you should eat organic food. You can also take dietary supplements like Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements. With these tips, you can improve your body’s nutrient absorption without changing your meal plan.

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