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4 Delicious and Nutritious Ways to Use Acai Berry Juice

The acai berry is a small fruit that grows in Central and South America. Despite its size, it is rich in nutrients and health benefits. One serving of these berries every day can help you fight cancer, aging, and other illnesses. Acai berries can even help you lose weight. Because of this, many people grow this plant in their backyards or buy acai berry supplements.

There are several ways to consume acai berries. You can eat them raw or turn them into acai berry juice. But if you’re tired of drinking its extract, there are other ways to consume this fruit. Here are four ways to enjoy drinking acai berries.

1. Mix Acai Juice with Other Concoction.

One way to consume acai berry extract is to mix it with other juices. Combine two to six tablespoons of this fruit with eight ounces of other berries and mix it well. Add ice to your drink to make it more refreshing.

2. Combine Acai Fruit with Soda.

Are you tired of drinking the same old acai berry juice? Here are four nutritious yet delicious ways to add this concoction to your drinks.

While an acai berry concoction will not make soda healthier, the latter does add flavor to this drink. Cola with acai fruits taste better than lemon-lime and other fruit flavors. The potent taste of soda can cover the overpowering flavor of acai if you don’t like it, but still want to enjoy itshealth benefits. The acai berry also adds a hint of tangy flavor, making the drink taste better than before.

To make this mixture, you need to add two teaspoons of acai berry extract to your cola and mix it well. Add ice and enjoy your drink.

3. Mix the Acai Extract with Milk.

If you’re not a fan of milk, you can add acai berry powder to it. Because acai has a chocolatey flavor, it reduces the bland taste of the milk. Moreover, it is a healthier option than chocolate because it doesn’t make you gain weight. Just add two teaspoons to two tablespoons of acai extract to the milk to give the already healthy drink a tangy berry twist.

4. Add Acai Powder to your Coffee for a Unique Pick Me Upper.

If you are tired of the same old taste of coffee, you can add acai powder to your beverage. The berry flavor gives a unique coffee experience to coffee fans. Furthermore, it’s a healthier option compared to the usual cream and sugar.

These are just some of the few ways to use acai berry juice. Consider buying some Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop to make your drinks healthier and give it a more flavorful taste.

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