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4 Common Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Losing weight requires regular workouts and a healthy diet. However, if you are not shedding pounds despite adherence to these, you must know the reasons.

After all the workouts and the diets, it feels frustrating to find out that the weighing scale still shows the same number over and over again. To some, not shedding pounds despite vigorous exercises and fad diets could result in disappointment. Worst, it could lead to backing out. The individuals who once aimed of having a healthier physique will turn back to their old and unhealthy lifestyle again.

If you are not losing weight in spite of healthy eating and regular exercises, instead of quitting, determine the reasons why such thing is occurring. Here are some of the explanations.

1. You Consume Too Much Food

Eating healthy is recommended but overeating is not. Even though you are intaking foods that are of great benefit to health if it is consumed in large amounts, the tendency is, calories will also pile up. Not everything that is healthy is low in calories. For instance, nuts, avocados, and dark chocolates need to be eaten in moderation because of their high-calorie contents. Therefore, know the suggested serving size.

In addition, when we are too focused on burning calories through workouts, we tend to take for granted the type of food we eat. Are we consuming healthy foods to fuel our body? Or do we indulge ourselves in a bucket of our favorite processed food after an hour of exercise in the gym? Remember, in order to lose weight, eating right is required.

2. You Deprive Yourself of Having Enough Time to Snooze

A good night sleep makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. This is because when we rest, our body is rejuvenated and restored. On the other hand, lack of sleep is linked to negative consequences to our health. If you are wondering why you are not losing, it’s probably because you are depriving your body of much-needed slumber.

According to an article published by Mail Online, lack of sleep slackens metabolism, promotes hunger and slows the rate of burning calories. All these contribute to weight gain. Moreover, insufficient sleep can make you eat more than what is needed.

3. You Are Under too much Stress

When we are too stressed out, either due to the demands of the job, family matters and so on, our body releases the hormone cortisol in high levels. This hormone causes increase insulin levels which result to cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Isn’t it that we tend to overeat comfort foods when we are stressed? That’s because of the calming effect of this unhealthy food which could lead to extra pounds later on especially in cases of chronic stress.

4. You Have Medical Conditions that Prevents Weight Loss

When your healthy diet and regular workouts are not effective, as mentioned, you have to determine the reason behind. One of the possible explanations is the existence of diseases that causes weight gain.  Cushing’s syndrome is a condition wherein the adrenal glands produce too much cortisol that is responsible for fat accumulation in several parts of the body. Another medical reason is hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid that causes sluggish metabolism resulting to less fat burning. Other conditions include hormonal changes, polycystic ovary syndrome, depression, and chronic stress.

In general, losing weight requires regular workout sessions and healthy eating. But if in case these practices do not result in the shedding of extra pounds, we must evaluate our lifestyle. Determine what hinders weight reduction.

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