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3 Reasons Why You Crave for Sugary Food and How to Avoid Them

Sweet foods are delicious to eat but it can harm your health. Read more to find out why you sometimes crave for sugary foods and how to avoid them

Every once in a while, you crave a certain food and most of the time it's food that has sugar in it. That's norma,l but too much sugar can affect your health. Having a sugar overload can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Food cravings are a result of chemicals that are produced by your hormones. These hormones are mostly from estrogen (for females), cortisol and serotonin. Too much of these hormones can make your body go hyper and have cravings. So why do you crave sugar or sugary sweets? Here are five reasons why you crave for sugary food and how you can avoid them.

Sugar is addictive.

Sugar contains high doses of fructose that causes you to eat more and gain a lot of weight. Sugar is a dopamine and opioids enhancer, which is similar to what caffeine or nicotine does to your body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter to your brain and controls your behavior. Too much dopamine can give you a "high" feeling that makes you feel temporarily happy. Because you want to experience that sensation again, you'll do it again and again and it can become substance abuse. In this way, sugar acts like a drug.

You need to stop yourself if you find that you're eating too many sugary food. Sugar cravings can be bad for you. If you don't control it, you'll tend to eat unhealthy food, wreaking havoc in your body. Not skipping meals, counting your calories, and doing some exercise can help you keep your mind off of sugary sweets.

Sweets are considered rewarding.

When you were a kid, you were often given sweets and treats as a reward for behaving well or if there's a happy event such as Christmas. Your brain is programmed to associate sugar with being happy when you were younger, so it's no surprise that you try to go back to those memories now that you’re an adult.

You still deserve a treat once in a while, but you need to stop emotional eating. If you are depressed, do something that makes you happy. Play sports or talk to someone with the same interests that you have. Feel positive about yourself and learn to appreciate what's happening in your life. Eat sweets but in moderation so that you won't overeat later on.

You don't have enough nutrients in your diet.

If you don't have enough nutrients in your diet, especially protein, it looks for another way to get energy in the body. Protein contains fuel for your body to function and survive, and the quickest way to get energy is by eating candy or anything that contains sugar. Prevent this from happening by making sure you have sufficient food around.

If you want to cut down on eating sweets, you need to have the willpower to stop it. There are certain triggers that cause you to crave for sugary sweets and you need to find out what they are to prevent it from happening. If you find this happening and you can't control it, what can you eat when you're craving sweets?Try eating fruits or vegetables instead. To be more healthy, add Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules to your diet.

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