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3 Reasons Why Disease Prevention Is Better Than Treatment

Health sectors are putting much emphasis on health promotions. Find out why prevention is better than disease management.

It is a well-known fact that inhibiting the occurrence of the disease is better than treating it. This has long been realized by health advocates. Due to the consistent experiments and technological innovations in the medical field, a lot of diseases can now be prevented through health promotion activities and early detection. For instance, the government is restricting cigarette smoking, especially in public places because of its numerous risks to the health of the user and the people around. Aside from respiratory diseases, smoking also affects other systems negatively.

As Benjamin Franklin stated, an ounce of prevention costs a pound of cure. Here are some reasons why a person should focus on prevention than management of diseases.

Prevention Is Cheaper

The tagline “being sick is not allowed” that was used in a commercial long time ago is very applicable today. First and foremost, the price of the drug to manage illnesses is costly. Moreover, if confinement is needed, this causes another financial burden to the family since the room, the doctor’s professional fee, laboratory tests, diagnostic images and medicines must be paid in full. On the other hand, health promotion activities are way cheaper. Eating vegetables and regular exercise does not only make a person healthy and fit. It also helps in saving money which is usually spent by unhealthy individuals to pay hospital bills.

Treatments Are Difficult

Is there a person who loves to go to the hospital every day for the disease management? The children hate the place and so are the majority of adults. Clinical areas convey pain and suffering to most individuals. As mentioned earlier, smokers will one day reap the consequences of cigarette smoking to their health. That means enduring the antiseptic smell, the endless questions about their medical history, physical examinations from head to toe, and so on and so forth. Not only that! Having an ailment is already a discomfort to the patient because of signs and symptoms that affect the body. Pain is a part of it and experiencing numerous blood extraction and intravenous line insertion is inevitable.

Diseases Decreases Quality of Life

Having a sickness, particularly chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, is very demanding. Patients who are diabetic or hypertensive need to check their blood pressure or blood sugar every day to prevent complications. Moreover, they have to control what they eat and some type of food are not allowed to be eaten. In addition, regular check-ups are also recommended. These changes could affect the daily routine of an individual which could reduce their health-related quality of life score. In worst case scenarios were an extremity needs to be amputated, scientific researchers found out that this could result in a decrease in the quality of life, self-esteem and body image of the patient.


Health promotion and disease prevention programs are very vital in maintaining our good health. When a person engages in activities that reduce the risk of having diseases, the possibility of paying expensive hospital bills and enduring painful treatment options are reduced.

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