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3 Organic Supplements That Can Give You Better Hair

Do you use shampoo for dry and damaged hair, but it still doesn't work? Here are three organic supplements that can improve your hair‘s condition.

We often describe our hair as our crowning glory. Therefore, we need to keep it shiny and healthy. While there are shampoos designed for dry and damaged hair, some of them may cause hair loss. Fortunately, there are organic supplements that will keep our crowning glory healthy.

Below are the three best organic supplements for hair.

Vitamin A

This nutrient is essential for cell growth and development. It also improves vision and boosts the immune system.

When it comes to your hair, this vitamin helps increase sebum production. This compound prevents your hair from drying out.

Vitamin A deficiency can affect your vision, and it can also be the cause of hair damage. However, too much vitamin A intake can be dangerous as well, as it can cause a build-up in your tissues. To ensure that you experience only the benefits and not its adverse effects, make sure to consume the required daily servings.


It is one of the widely-used organic supplements and vitamins for hair. It is also one of the well-known forms of vitamin B. This nutrient promotes faster hair growth. Moreover, it is essential for producing glucose and breaking down proteins into amino acids. Because our hair is made up of keratin, which is a form of protein, this nutrient maintains healthy hair.

Many shampoos contain this nutrient, but it is best if you get it from natural sources to experience best results.


Iron is one of the organic vitamins and minerals that is necessary for improving body functions. If you have iron deficiency, not only will it cause anemia, but your hair will become thin, dull, and dry as well. That is because this nutrient helps send oxygen to the hair roots. If you are losing too much hair on your head, you need to incorporate iron into your daily meal.

The best source of iron comes from meat and vegetables. However, iron from meat is absorbed by the body in a different way. Thus, experts recommend getting this mineral from plant-based foods. You just need to eat vegetables that are also rich in vitamin C for better absorption.

These are the natural supplements for hair. With these vitamins, you can have healthy and shiny hair all year.

However, getting these vitamins and minerals one-by-one can be expensive. Fortunately, you can have all these nutrients with just one product. You just need to get the Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements and pick one product that promotes healthy hair. With these organic supplements, you will not only be able to improve your health, but your hair as well.

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