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3 Most Common Mistakes We Make When We Are Stressed

Stress makes us apprehensive and less productive at work. Here are the things you should and should never do when you are stressed at work.

It is safe to say that we can be a little unreasonable when we are stressed. This often leads to us making big mistakes at work. The next time you see your stress spike, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Venting Your Worries to the Person Next to You

It’s not wrong to vent out when you feel pressure at work but beware of prolonging the issue. Studies reveal that stress is contagious. If you vent about your problems to the person next to you, it’s likely that they will also feel the same way. For this reason, they can vent it out to another person and to the next person, which could turn into a vicious and stressful cycle. Doing this won’t do any good for anyone.

If you want to release tension in your body, try to hang out with your family and friends and have fun together. Who knows? They may be stressed as well. Planning fun activities with your friends can help relieve your work-related stress.

2. Making Irrational Decisions

Have you heard the saying, “don’t sleep when you’re angry?” Here’s another rule that you must remember: don’t make decisions when you are stressed. Studies show that you have more chances of making mistakes due to stress, and this even includes making long-term decisions. The reason is that people who are under stress are often preoccupied. Therefore, if you ask them to make a choice, they can sometimes make the wrong decision.

3. Procrastination

Are you aware of the “Mañana habit?” It’s a behavior where a person likes to put off important tasks and then start working on it when the deadline is near. Some people say that they are more productive if they start doing a task a few days before the deadline. However, it’s one of the stress mistakes that we should avoid.

To help reduce your worries, try to break down your tasks. For instance, if you need to submit 50 articles in 2 weeks, start by writing several articles daily. Yes, it can be overwhelming if you try to finish the project within a week. However, if you start working on it the moment that you receive the task, it can help you avoid making mistakes at work due to stress. On top of that, you will easily be able to meet your deadline.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat healthy foods and take supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop. Having a healthy lifestyle can not only make you fit, but it can also help you to alleviate stress at work.

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