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3 Harsh Realities of Taking Synthetic Supplements

Synthetic supplements are all over the drugstores, whether it is an OTC or not. Here are three reasons why you should never take synthetic vitamins.

Synthetic supplements used to be an ideal option for increasing vitamin consumption. As the years went by, everything has changed. In this post, you will learn why taking this supplement is not the best choice.

Natural Versus Synthetic Supplements: What Is the Difference?

Natural supplements come from organic plants. Each tablet is full of vitamins that your body needs. Meanwhile, synthetic vitamins are human-made supplements. The products found in these capsules copy the way organic supplements act in the body. However, they have more chemicals than the natural ones, making it more dangerous than taking herbal pills.

3 Reasons Why You Should Never Take Inorganic Supplements

Many people take inorganic vitamins to improve their overall health. However, choosing this product may put your welfare at risk rather than enhance it. Here are three disadvantages of synthetic supplements.

1. Some chemicals found in synthetic multivitamins were not ideal for human consumption.

Let’s take fat soluble vitamins as an example. Some components of these supplements may cause toxicity and fat tissue build up. As a result, it increases your weight and kills your liver.

2. It can cause reactions with other medicines that you take.

Certain nutrients should never be together. For instance, zinc can affect iron and copper absorption. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before taking this product. If you do not want to visit your attending physician, it is best to switch to organic vitamins. Not only is it safe to take but also affordable.

3. The risk of impurities in the supplement can cause death.

In Japan, a filthy batch of tryptophan killed 37 people and caused 1500 cases of permanent disability.

How to Tell if the Supplement Is Synthetic?

There are three things that you need to look for to know if the vitamins are synthetic or not. First, you should look for words that start with dl. If the names of the ingredients begin with this first two letters, it means that the product is synthetic.

Another thing that you should look for -ate and -ide suffixes. If the components end with either of these suffixes, it only means that the supplement is synthetic.

Lastly, look for the word “natural.” As the adjective suggests, it indicates that the brand is an organic product.

With these signs, you can stay away from synthetic supplements. If you do not want to search for these clues, you may opt for Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements. These are all-natural products; thus, has lesser side effects.

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